Dr. Richard Peters

Dr. Peters is a graduate from the University of Texas – Austin in 1988 and is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College and was licensed to practice by the State of Texas in 1992. As part of his training, Dr. Peters was selected for a rotations in Rheumatology at the Veterans Hospital in Houston and in Neurosurgery at St Luke’s Hospital in Houston.

Dr. Peters is a from a family of Chiropractors and was preceded in practice by his father Dr. Frank Peters in Amarillo, Texas. His uncle , Dr. Terry Peters practiced in San Antonio until his recent passing.

Dr. Rick Peters was featured in the Wall Street Journal article "You Know Gas Prices Are High When Texans Start Driving Golf Carts" in July 2008. You may read the article here

Practice Interests and History 

Athletic Training-Testing

In 2006-2009, Dr. Peters opened TrainWise as a new service for the endurance athlete. TrainWise provided lactate threshold testing and glucose testing for triathletes, cyclists and marathon runners. Lactate threshold testing is a blood test performed every four minutes during exercise and was performed in our office. Training programs are then designed to utilize that data for optimal performance based on individual performance parameters. Although lactate threshold testing is no longer available, Dr. Peters still enjoys working with endurance athletes to prevent injuries and establish training programs for maximum performance.

Dr. Peters had the privilege of assisting with the training program for Lisa Shaw who went on to win multiple state time trial championships in the over 40 age class. In 2014, Lisa’s average speed for the one hour ride exceeded 25 mph.

Dr. Peters in an active and serious road cyclist in Houston and typically rides in the Sunday morning Bike Barn ride out of the Wesleyan location and Saturday mornings with various club rides in Houston. Summers afford the opportunity to ride in the Planetary Cycle Thursday evening ride and the Tuesday evening “Come Ride with Us”.

Houston’s MS150 invited Dr. Peters to be a speaker for the New Rider orientation in 2013.

Dr. Peters has completed many century bike rides and races and completed a 70.3 half Iron Man in Austin, Texas.


Many consumers are unaware that chiropractors have formal training in nutrition counseling. Dr. Peters has developed a unique approach to nutrition counseling for complicated conditions. By examining the medical literature for the underlying biochemistry and physiology irregularities, known nutritional and dietary aids can be formulated into a science based nutritional intervention.

General health and nutrition counseling is available during the office visit and provides for a whole person approach to healthcare.

Music and the Arts

For many years, Dr. Peters treated many of the music students of the Rice Shepard School of Music. He developed treatment programs and protocols for professional musicians and still enjoys treating many members of the Houston Symphony and the professional musician community. He enjoyed participating in the first audience and at the first fundraiser of Houston’s Opera in the Heights. Although certainly not an accomplished musician, Dr. Peters played the violin and was selected to the Wisconsin All-State Orchestra.

Workers’ Compensation Designated Doctor

Our clinic does not currently accept Texas Workers’ Compensation. However, both doctors previously were accredited as Designated Doctors in Texas Workers’ Compensation System.

Expert Witness

Dr. Peters has previously been an expert witness and consultant on dozens of cases and has testified in numerous courts including county court and Texas Workers’ Compensation. Expert witness services are available on request.

Baseball Injuries

Dr. Peters has extensive experience caring for collegiate, high school and
junior high school throwing athletes. We approach the throwing athlete
with a long term perspective. Initially we want the throwing athlete back
on the field and competing without pain. We also want to encourage proper
pitching and throwing mechanics to prevent future injury. Some of our
higher level pictures will also elect a few rotator cuff maintenance visits
to decrease the risk of recurrent injury during the weeks of a heavy
pitching schedule. Supraspinatus muscle/tendon injury often results from
poor biomechanics of other larger rotator cuff muscles. Injury prevention
begins with complete rotator cuff care combined with proper joint mechanics
and working with the coaches for optimal performance.

Cuba Missions

Dr. Peters currently assists individuals and churches in their efforts to enter the Cuban mission field. He established a Cuban mission field utilizing a religious visa process for granting legal access to assist the Cubans in humanitarian and religious contexts. Dr. Peters has been to Cuba five times through 2014. He has assisted numerous churches and more than 15 mission teams in the Cuban mission field.

Curriculum Vitae


  • University of Texas-Austin: Bachelor of Arts, 1988
  • St Luke’s Episcopal Hospital: Neurosurgery Rotation, 1991
  • Veteran’s Hospital (Houston): Rheumatology Rotation ,1991
  • Texas Chiropractic College: Doctor of Chiropractic, 1992

Work Experience:

  • Peters Chiropractic - Amarillo, Texas
    1992-1993 - Associate doctor
  • Peters Family Chiropractic - Houston, Texas
    1993-present - Own and manage multi-doctor clinic - Currently a four doctor practice
  • East End Chiropractic - Houston, Texas
    1995-1999 - Partner in a satellite office location

Expert Witness and Consulting:

  • Fahl and Tacheuchi
    2004-2008 - Consulting and expert witness on numerous cases
  • Rice University
    2001 - Guest Lecture - “Playing Injuries and the Professional Musician”
  • Vinson and Elkins
    1995 - Carpal Tunnel Consulting for internal V&E Carpal tunnel syndrome and related disorders
  • Radio
    1992 - “The Natural Way”: a natural medicine call-in radio show

Awards and Honors:

  • President - Sigma Nu Fraternity
    UT- Austin, 1986
  • Silver Spur
    UT- Austin, 1986-1987
  • Vice Chair of Deacons
    West University Baptist Church, 2010